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*On November 20th, 1999 LoriAnn Wilson and Rod Abrahams, along with friends and family, will celebrate the joining of two people to form a NEW family.

They have chosen the Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto California as the site for this celebration.

The San Jose Choral Project will perform "Sing Me To Heaven" and other selections during the celebration.

To record this event, Jim Koski from Koski photography will attend and bring his talent (and camera) to the wedding.

The floral arrangements will be the work of Laurie Chestnutt Florals

Il Fornaio will be whipping up a few treats for a buffet to follow the ceremony itself.

And last, but not least, Denon and Doyle  will provide the music in case you should feel like kicking up your heels.

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Rod             mispelt@dragon-song.com

Lori             Lori@dragon-song.com


We have added a a list of Hotels in the area in case you are planning to attend our wedding .  

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